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Schiphol: please wear a face mask everywhere

Schiphol is asking travelers to wear a face mask at all locations at the airport.  Face coverings are so far only required at check-in counters, security, passport control and piers, but the airport wants everyone to cover their mouths from arrival to departure, such as at the shops and around the train station.  It is a "very urgent request".


Following the new coronavirus measures

Following the new coronavirus measures announced by the government, all eating and drinking facilities before security (a.o. Schiphol Plaza) will be closed as of 22:00 on 14 October. Take away services are still available. Food and beverage outlets will remain open for travellers in the areas after security. (18-10-2020)


Check in your luggage yourself

Are you traveling to a Schengen area? Then from now on you can check in your luggage yourself at the luggage drop-off in departure hall 1. Simple and fast!



When should I arrive at Schiphol?

Schiphol still recommend that you arrive at Schiphol 2 hours prior to flights within Europe and 3 hours prior to intercontinental flights. Even though there are fewer flights than usual due to the 1.5-metre distancing measures, please ensure you are on time. > Schiphol flight information.

On the way to Schiphol

Your luggage is packed, your tickets, your completed health certificate and your passport and travel documents areready and you have checked your flight details. In short, you are ready to go. Schiphol is asking every traveller to complete a health declaration at home and bring it along, also proof of negative Corona test is mandatory currently.



- Please go to the check-in desks at Departures 2 (European flights) or 3 (International flights).


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