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Cruise poort Amsterdam

 Type of taxi's in the Netherlands

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There are different types of taxis in the Netherlands. In 1905 the first taxis were driving in Amsterdam and in 1909 a permit was first issued for passenger transport with German electric vehicles.

 • First of all, we have in Amsterdam the Operator TTO boarding taxi. These taxis are located along the road, especially at a station, airport or large event. With these taxis it is not mandatory to take the front taxi: you can always choose a taxi in line yourself. The rate is based on the meter.

 • In addition, there are also Pre order Taxi's, also availble as Call and App Taxi's. These taxis come to you and take you to your destination. With these taxis you usually discuss a rate in advance or there is a fixed price.

 • Finally, there are also contract taxis, these taxis belong to the special transport. They transport, among others, the elderly and the disabled passangers.


 Taxi fixed prices    Pre order Taxi Arash

- Did you know that we also have VAN taxis for € 70 per hour?  a luxury Van car, electric, lots of legroom.


Licence | Blue plate 

 • Taxi's in the Netherlands are licenced by the law and they have a blue licence plate-number.


key points to note

Do not shake hands. Wash your hands often with soap, for at least twenty seconds. Avoid crowds and if that doesn't work, go elsewhere. Keep 1.5 meters distance from other people. Cough and sneeze in your elbow.
✔︎  As people all over the world consider booking hotels once again, hygiene, safety and flexibility have become of paramount importance.
 ✔︎  Checklist for travel to the Netherlands


 Corona vaccination 2021 | The Netherlands

6 million injections in May,
11 million injections at the beginning of June,
18 million injections at the beginning of July.
Two thirds of the people are then fully vaccinated and one third only will have 1 shot. 
The current population of the Netherlands is 17,159,103. (23-03-2021)

Global Cases Corona


Global Deaths

Global Recovered


✔︎  Link: COVID-19 Dashboard (23-03-2021)


 Lockdown in the Netherlands

Cafés, restaurants, museums, remain closed | Curfew extended > 21 April 2021 | Negative travel advise > 15 June 2021 | No events > 01 July 2021. Lockdown in the Netherlands. Read more ...

Latest news: 

Do we get relaxation from April 21? If conditions are correct, are they set out in the cabinet plan?

- The terraces and shops may reopen?
- The colleges and universities may reopen, with quick tests?
- The out-of-school care can be used again?
- You may receive two instead of one guest at home?
- Curfews are getting canceled?

The cabinet chooses to open everything outside first.  "After all, there is much less risk of contamination outside."  The contamination figures seem to be heading in the right direction. The so-called reproduction number is now 1.01.  This means that the number of new infections remains approximately the same.  The number of people who have now had corona and who have antibodies in their body is also increasing.  According to the Sanquin blood bank, 20 percent of the population now has antibodies.  A draft opening plan has now been presented to experts to ease into a summer without corona measures in five to six steps.  In the summer period, the goal is that no corona measures apply or only the basic measures, such as keeping your distance, washing hands and staying at home in case of complaints. (07-04-2021)

Hospitals stunned by plans for easing! The Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ) is stunned by the news that the cabinet plans to relax corona measures from April 21, if the number of infections continues to decline. The umbrella organization does not understand that this plan is being considered, while the occupancy rate in hospitals and in the ICUs continues to increase and a large part of the hospital staff has not yet been vaccinated. (08-04-2021)

Outgoing Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) wants to temper expectations with regard to possible relaxation of the corona measures. (10-04-2021)


 Curfew NL | Extended > 21 April 2021 | Since 31 March > 22.00 > 04:30

 •  A curfew applies throughout the Netherlands. Read more ...
  We do write a lot about corona and vaccines. It has to do with the fact that it concerns not only us, but you as well. Everything is linked together like a chain, customers, airport, tourism, business traffic, catering, hotels, stores, airbnb, taxi's


Mandatory corona test for travelers

 •  Travelers will be randomly checked at the Dutch border transition for an explanation of a negative test result. The test result may be a maximum of 72 hours old. (01-04-2021)

 •  Self-quarantine: You must self-quarantine for 10 days upon arriving in the Netherlands. You can get tested again on day 5 after your arrival. If the result is negative you can end your self-quarantine. Read more about travel advise...

✔︎  Checklist for travel to the Netherlands


 Corona Passport

 •  Traveling in the summer 2021, packed houses in the cinema and theater, well-attended festivals, fairs and conferences. If all goes well, it will all be possible again soon. But only for people who can show proof of health. Corona Passport (18-03-2021)


Flight ban South America and South Africa

 •  Flight bans to South Africa and South America extended until April 15, 2021. The existing flight bans to South Africa and countries in Central and South America have been extended again, this time until April 15 - 2021. This is announced Wednesday evening by outgoing Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure & Water Management). The only flying ban that will expire is the ban on flying to Cape Verde. (01-04-2021)
✔︎  Link: Checklist for travel to the Netherlands  |  ✔︎ Mandatory COVID-19 test results and declaration | Link: Travel


The World in the next months (01 July)

 •  From the perspective of hospitals, there is currently no room for further relaxation of the corona measures, says Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ) on Monday. Kuipers thinks that the combination of spring weather and the increasing number of vaccinations can make the situation better. "If we go on for nine weeks, the world will look different." (02-03-2021)


Covid-19 restrictions | Live map 

 •  World: Find places in the world to go with the live global map. Want to know when you can visit your preferred destination? Sign up to get email updates when restrictions lift.
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 The countries around the Netherlands

- Information regarding border & corona  |  - Information regarding corona updates



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