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 We write a lot about corona, it has to do with the fact that it concerns not only us, but you as well. Everything is linked together like a chain, customers, airport, tourism, business traffic, catering, hotels, stores, airbnb, taxi's 
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Stay healthy

The Netherlands is expected to have to deal with "a considerable set of measures" until April 2021. That says Susan van den Hof of the RIVM. (19-01-2021)

key points to note:

✔︎  Do not go to the airport if you have Covid-19 symptoms;
✔︎  Check local authority advice;
✔︎  Mouth caps must be worn at Schiphol airport | Link: Schiphol Airport - Latest information on the coronavirus
✔︎  Airport: Passengers must complete a HD Form


 Curfew in the Netherlands 

A curfew applies throughout the Netherlands from Saturday 23 January. This means that everyone stays indoors between 21:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. and is only allowed out if necessary. This measure is in effect until February 10, 4:30 AM.

- Valid reasons for going out on the street:
 1. Work
 2. Medical assistance to humans or animals
 3. Assistance to a person in need of help
 4. Walking a pet on a leash
 5. Outward or return journey abroad
 6. Calamity

If you need to go outside during curfew, you must have the Self-Declaration Form. If you need to go outside for work, you must also be able to show an "Employer Curfew Statement".


 New rules in effect for international travelers NL

Passenger flights from the United Kingdom, South Africa and all of South America will be banned from the Netherlands from 23-1-2021. Earlier this week, the cabinet announced stricter measures for travelers, in an attempt to reduce the corona virus, and especially the new variants.Travelers coming from high-risk areas must be able to provide the negative result of a rapid test. They must have it taken no more than four hours before departure, in addition to the already mandatory so-called PCR test. This obligation does not apply to travelers from the Caribbean part of the Netherlands and a number of safe countries.

Certain groups of travelers from outside the European Union no longer can enter the country for the time being. For example, business travelers, students, highly skilled migrants, people from the cultural sector and people with a relationship with someone in the Netherlands cannot come to our country for a short stay. (23-1-2021)
✔︎  Negative COVID-19 test result + health declaration + quick test, on arrival in the Netherlands | Link:


Travel to the Netherlands

Proof of negative test mandatory. PCR test not older then 72 hrs and a quick test, plus 10 days in quarantine after arrival.
• You are strongly advised by the government not to travel to the Netherlands unless it is strictly necessary. According to the government, combating the corona pandemic is so important that travelers from 'high-risk countries' - which are almost all countries now - should be banned if they cannot show a negative result of a PCR test. The test must be taken no more than 72 hours before arrival in the Netherlands. The Dutch military police can send passengers back to their country of origin at Schiphol airport if you travel to the Netherlands without any necessary reason.

 Flight ban: UK, South Africa, South America

A curfew, a flight ban for certain countries, restricting home visits and even more measures are, according to outgoing Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health), necessary to cope with the third wave. According to the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), it is inevitable that the third wave, caused by the British corona variant, will come our way. (20-01-2021) Air traffic from the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America is no longer allowed in the Netherlands. The ban on flights from those areas will take effect on January 23, 2021 and will apply until the cabinet can introduce a mandatory quarantine for travelers. That writes Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) (21-01-2021).


 Travel abroad

The Dutch cabinet urgently advises not to travel abroad until end-March 2021.
✔︎  Travelling and going on holiday | Link:


 Restrictions live global map

World: Find places in the world to go with the live global map. Want to know when you can visit your preferred destination? Sign up to get email updates when restrictions lift.
✔︎  Link: Skyscanner


 Major crisis in UK

Mayor of London speaks of a major crisis. The British statistics office reports that 1 in 30 in Londen is currently infected with the virus. (09-01-2021)
 • The number of new corona infections in Ireland is increasing rapidly. The British variant of the virus, which is said to be 30% more contagious, has been found there in almost half of the positive cases. The variant found in South Africa has been detected also in Ireland. (12-01-2021). Currently there are confirmations from: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden) and globally (Australia, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, South Korea, Switzerland, Singapore, Iran, Brazil, Peru. (13-01-2021). The British variant of the coronavirus has now been identified in at least sixty countries and territories. That is ten more than a week ago, reports health organization WHO. (21-01-2021)
✔︎  Link: Check WHO, the FCO and UK government response they are offering advise. 


Germany, Chief of Staff Merkel, fears border closures

Chief of staff concerned about the various mutations of the coronavirus. If neighboring countries fail to reduce the number of infections, closing the borders will be inevitable, Braun warns. He did not mention any specific countries. Belgium has already spoken out in favor of this. According to Prime Minister De Croo, negative travel advice is not enough to prevent holiday travel. (21-01-2021)


 The countries around the Netherlands

Several European countries - like the Netherlands - are tightening their corona measures. The countries around us do this against the corona virus and the more contagious British variant.
• The Belgian government has extended the corona measures until March 1. The shops are still open at the southern neighbors.
 • Germany will check people from risk countries more strictly upon arrival. A corona test will be mandatory.  Chancellor Angela Merkel does not rule out that her country will remain in lockdown until the beginning of April.
 • In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the infection rate as a result of the British variant is very high. Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not rule out that the already strong measures will be further tightened. Scotland has already decided to do so.
 • In France, a curfew applies from 6 pm. The government is discussing the option of having all of France stay in all evening to stop the spread of the British mutation. Schools could remain open.
 • Italy will extend the state of emergency until the end of April.
 • The restrictions in Switzerland were tightened on Wednesday 13-1 and extended by five weeks until 01 March 2021. Eating out or sniffing culture is not an option in the Alpine country for the time being. Non-essential stores will remain closed.
• Denmark is also extending the lockdown. The British variant has often been established there. The current measures will run until January 17.  According to the Danish media, they will be extended by three weeks. (12-01-2021))


Brazil, new variant of coronavirus

Travelers from South Africa, South American countries and Portugal will no longer be allowed to enter the United Kingdom from Friday 15-1 and the Netherlands from 23-1 due to a new corona virus variant that is prevalent in Brazil. This mutation may be more contagious than other variants like the UK variant. With the exception of truck drivers, entry ban for Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. (15-01-2021) Experts say it is still too early to tell whether the current vaccines will be effective against the Brazilian and South African variants. But, work is underway to assess this. (21-1-2021)


 South Africa, new variant of coronavirus

It seems that the so-called South African variant of the coronavirus (501Y.V2) can escape previously built-up defenses. This became clear on Monday evening during an extensive scientific briefing led by epidemiologist Salim Abdool Karim about the results of a month of intensive research into this variant. These are preliminary results that have not yet been published in scientific articles. Compared to the British variant, the South African has three changes in the portion of the spike protein on the outside of the virus that attaches to the human cell's ACE2 receptor. The two variants share one mutation that causes this: N501Y. But two others that the South African variant has, E484K and K417N, may enhance infectivity and immune system escape. (23-1-2021) (
- is similar to the English variant, but bypasses the immune system.


UK, new variant of coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference on Friday that there are indications that the mutation in his country may not only be more contagious, but also more deadly than the original coronavirus. But that is not yet certain, because much is still unclear. (23-1-2021)


New dangerous mutation by 15 February 2021 to June 2021

(Clinical Microbiologist, Subspecialty in Genetics and Infectious Microbes in Texas) A new dangerous mutation in the corona virus from February 2021 to June 2021 upcoming. Example from the points that have been seen: people who blink with eyes or get stutter. According to a new study you must create a high selenium protein in your body in combination with antioxidant intake and high doze vitamin C so that the virus tentacles can not stick in to your body parts. (30-12-2020)


Clarity about mutated corona virus

Pfizer / BioNTech

Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine also appears to be effective against mutation in the highly contagious variants of the coronavirus found in the UK. The company says this based on a laboratory study it carried out together with scientists from the University of Texas. (07-01-2021) However, there is uncertainty about the South African, Japanese and Brazilian variant (20-01-2021)


 Oxford, a vaccine against new variants

Scientists at Oxford University are hard at work developing new versions of the AstraZeneca vaccine that are effective against the corona variants from South Africa, Brazil and the United Kingdom, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph reports. (21-1-2021)



This week 11-1-2021, the Amsterdam UMC started a major investigation into a new corona vaccine. Hospitals around the world are participating in the study, which requires a total of 36 thousand participants. The vaccine, CureVac, has already been purchased by the Dutch government and is now in the final testing phase. Amsterdammers who want to participate can register via this website

 AstraZeneca delivers 60 percent fewer vaccines to the EU

AstraZeneca will deliver fewer vaccines than expected in the first quarter. This is because a European production location (temporarily) cannot make as many vaccines as planned, the pharmaceutical company reports.

 Sputnik V

Hungary is the first EU member state to purchase the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V. According to Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, this involves three deliveries.

A hard lockdown in the Netherlands & possible extension

Lockdown extended to 9-2-2021, deeply concerned about UK mutation. 15 December - 9 February 2021
 • Catering & horeca businesses will remain closed. Entrepreneurs have been hit hard since March 2020. Horeca has to keep door's closed (3rd time) since Wednesday 14 October 2020. All catering businesses will remain closed, including terraces and coffee shops. You are allowed to pick up food from restaurants and take away, also from coffee shops untill 20:00 PM. Hotels are allowed to remain open but not allowed to serve food and drink to guests staying at the hotel per 15 December 2020. Press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) by the Dutch government.

 • The cabinet has extended the lockdown until Tuesday, February 9, 2021, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced during a press conference on Tuesday evening 12-01. According to Rutte, the number of corona infections is not falling fast enough and there are major concerns about the British, more contagious, variant of the corona virus. Looking at countries around us, possible extension of the lockdown is expected. (13-01-2021)

 • We may be heading for a third wave given the increasing number of infections. That's what Diederik Gommers, head of the intensive care department of Erasmus MC, said.

• Lockdown: Schools remain closed and must switch back to online education, almost all non-essential shops must close and venues such as cinemas and theaters are also closing. For the third time, people with a contact profession, such as hairdressers, physiotherapists, beauticians, cannot work for the time being. Inhabitants of the country are also asked to stay at home as much as possible.

 • Concerns in the Netherlands about the British variant of the coronavirus are increasing. The variant appears to be more contagious, says virologist Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC), who is involved in research into the spread of the variant in the Netherlands. "According to a new British study, people in which that variant was found had a significantly higher amount of virus in them and were therefore more contagious".

 • Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) added to Rutte's words that the British mutation is now responsible for "a few percent" of corona infections, but that that percentage is expected to rise. "We have to slow down the spread. We do that with measures". (12-01-2021)

✔︎  Coronavirus NL COVID-19 | Link: RIVM

In the course of 2021: According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, we are at a crossroad. "Either together we ensure that the figures go in the right direction, or the figures continue to rise. Then I do not rule out that we have to take even stricter measures". De Jonge (pub. health) expects that the restrictive measures can only be partially released in the course of 2021. "Until then, we have to be careful". (08-12-2020)

Vaccination, the Dutch population is divided into groups

Passenger mouth mask

The national mouth mask obligation came into effect in December 2020, which means that people in public indoor spaces are now obliged to wear a mouth mask. Are you traveling with public transport or taxi? Then a non-medical mouth mask is mandatory for all passengers.


About us | Taxi Arash is driving sinds 2015

Your pre-ordered transportation, Taxi Arah is driving sinds 2015 in Amsterdam. We have experiance with electric car's like Nissan leaf (driving KLM staf to Airport) during our training priod with taxi electric and Go Go, a project of the municipality of Amsterdam. We have also driven in an Ford Focus, Jaguar XE and Mercedes E220, driving for Welcomepickups and Uber, Connexxion desk at Airport (Shell staf), Cruise to Airport transfer, Airport pickup, Airport meeting point, Amsterdam Cruise Port Terminal, city to city transfer and we were so delighted to be able to participate in the transport of delegation, king of Jordan). According to a statement that we recived, we have been already a few times around the world in kilometers.

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 • Taxi Arash is your pre-ordered transportation, located in Amsterdam. You may also like to visit Tripadviser.


Orders | Pre order your ride - Safe driving

 • Orders are made by appointment, whereby the collection location, destination and time must be known in advance. Suitable for max. 3 people, 2 large suitcases or 3 medium. Safe driving, Airport transfer, Long-distance transfer, City to City transfer, Cruise transfer.


Destination | We are pleased to hear that

Amsterdam  Den Haag  Utrecht  Rotterdam and more. Frindly driver, easy and safe, definitely recommended.

Service Taxi Arash | We love communication

> Monitored flight for delay,
> 60m Airport waiting time free,
> Free cancellation up to 24 hours before scheduled pickup time,
> We do communicate with you by Phone, e-mail, SMS and or Whatsapp,
> Clean car, bottle of water, phone charger availble,
> Plexiglass shield present,
> Pay by creditcard, debitcard, iDeal bank transfer, pin (pinnen), tikkie mobile payment request or cash.


 Fixed prices | Includes tax

> Amsterdam North, South, East, West, Center <-> SPL AirPort €40
> Pickup from Schiphol meetingpoint €20
> Pickup from Schiphol meetingpoint, travel to Amsterdam, travel back to Airport €110
> Cruise port to SPL Airport €40 (operator taxi €58,64)
> SPL AirPort to DenHaag €75 (operator taxi €123,90)
> SPL AirPort to Utrecht €75 (operator taxi €129,93)
> Amsterdam to Hilversum €80 (operator taxi €101,31)
> Amsterdam to Utrecht €90 (operator taxi €118,95)
> SPL AirPort to Rotterdam €90 (operator taxi €168,63)
> Amsterdam to DenHaag €90 (operator taxi €176,92)
> Amsterdam to Rotterdam €120 (operator taxi €222,68)
> Amsterdam to Eindhoven AirPort €175 (operator taxi €326,24)
> Wait time on request €30 per hour (operator taxi €44,92 ph)

> When your fare is not fixed, a meter inside the taxi calculates the cost of your ride and displays the fare. In the Netherlands taxi starting rate's are € 3.26 + kilometer rate € 2.40 + time rate (per minute) € 0.40 > Our pre-order fixed prices includes tax. You may like to calculate yourself operator prices by entering pickup location and drop-off location. > Contact us.



 • We provide you an electronic taxi invoice incl. tax.


Taxi's in the Netherlands are licenced by the law and they have a blue licence plate-number. Taxi operators or self-employed drivers, must be in possession of a permit for taxi transport in the Netherlands. In this way, working conditions for drivers are improved and unfair competition is prevented. Taxi operators or self-employed drivers are also registered in the Dutch Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.



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