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Thank you for visiting the Taxi Arash website. If you have a question or a ride request, you can contact us using the form below. Please check our fixed prices. Mobile order: Use the Mobile order link and please provide in the comment section, some information regarding your flight and luggage.

Prices based on luxury sedan car
 > Pickup from Schiphol meetingpoint, travel to Amsterdam, travel back to Airport €100 (save €60)
 > Amsterdam Schiphol <-> Amsterdam North, South, East, West, Center €40 - (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Meet outside airport: Departures 3, Exit C, second road)
 > Personal pickup meet & greet from Schiphol meetingpoint €20
 > Cruise port to SPL Airport €40 (operator taxi €58,64)
 > SPL AirPort to DenHaag €75 (operator taxi €123,90)
 > SPL AirPort to Utrecht €75 (operator taxi €129,93)
 > Amsterdam to Hilversum €80 (operator taxi €101,31)
 > Amsterdam to Utrecht €90 (operator taxi €118,95)
 > SPL AirPort to Rotterdam €90 (operator taxi €168,63)
 > Amsterdam to DenHaag €90 (operator taxi €176,92)
 > Amsterdam to Rotterdam €120 (operator taxi €222,68)
 > Amsterdam to Eindhoven AirPort €175 (operator taxi €326,24)
 > Amsterdam Airport to Enschede €235 (operator taxi €459,73)
 > Wait time on request €30 per hour (operator taxi €44,92 ph)
> Monitored flight for delay, no extra charge,
> 60m Airport waiting time free,
> Free cancellation up to 24 hours before scheduled pickup time,
> We do communicate with you by Phone, e-mail, SMS and or Whatsapp,
> Clean car, bottle of water, phone charger availble,
> Plexiglass shield present,
> Pay by creditcard, debitcard, iDeal bank transfer, pin (pinnen), mobile payment & cash.


 E-mail  |   WhatsApp  |   Quick order  |   Mobile order

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