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Lost and found in an Taxi

"In the Netherlands we have operator taxi's, pre-order taxis & app taxi's".

Lost property?

If you have lost something in Amsterdam or Diemen, check the iLost website.

- If your order was pre-order then you have all the information about your driver and you can contact the driver by phone.

- If your order was pre-order at one of the operators, contact the company, looking for phone nr on your invoice, creditcard information regarding the transaction etc.

- If you have no information regarding your driver, licence plate nr or organisation name your last chance may be: ILost


Amsterdam street taxi operators


App taxi | Amsterdam

Uber & Bolt = use the uber app and call your driver. you get connected to your last Uber or send an email selecting the trip, use help and send an email.

Pre order taxi | Taxi Arash

You have all the information from the organisation and or the driver you orderd your Taxi. Call your driver using that information.


Pre order your taxi

All taxi drivers (street taxi or pre order) in the Netherlands are licenced as Taxi driver by the law and they have a blue licence plate number.

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