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COVID-19 China

What is the state of affairs in China, where the corona pandemic originated?
While the number of infections continues to rise worldwide, the residents of the Chinese city of Wuhan seem to have taken up daily life. Has China really fought the coronavirus? And if so, what was the secret of the Chinese approach? (19-08-2020)

Start of COVID-19

The structure of the coronavirus: The closest common ancestor (MRCA) of all coronaviruses is estimated to have existed since 8000 BC, although some models date back to 55 million years old or more, suggesting a long-term correlation with bats. (Source: Wikipedia)


Documentary Dec 2020

The following documentary we (taxiarash) have translated from an Iranian microbiologist (head of tuberculosis and pulmonary research at the Pasteur Institute of Iran for 27 years and also he is clinical microbiologist, specializing in genetics and infectious microbes in Texas, US Iranian citizen) who lives and work in Texas, he sometimes travels to Iran and has also developed partnerships for the creation of other vaccines and also has negotiations with Cuba and Iran. His video lecture lasted 30 minutes:  
According to a public availble study, by Colombia research, the coronavirus used to be a cold (winter) virus. Then it found its tentacle's. One for humans and one for animals. There is a type of corona virus that has always existed in bats. They were then transmitted to people from bats and also to scaly anteaters
In 2002, + | _ 10% of the people that did eat this animals, (800 of 10.000) died in China. They found a vaccine for it and this problem was solved. In 2011 in Saudia Arabia Mers virus showed up. (Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus, or EMC/2012, is a species of coronavirus which infects humans, bats, and camels). 900 pepole did get infected and 400 died by eating the infected camels. This was the second Corona virus. This 2 types where for a short time and they disappeared quickly.
(Important) In 2015 the Chinese scientists in the Wuhan laboratory did an unusual workmade, a combination of the coronavirus. They connected the tentacles from "the bat corona virus" into the "human corona virus". 

They linked the tentacles of the bat (animal) corona virus to the human corona virus. You can see it as a human with an animal's hand. A new model. They build a new inventory. 
This virus combi was transferred in the laboratory to a thorny anteater called a "scaly anteater" animal. The new virus mutated for his own survival.
The beginning of the mutation in his tentacles resulted in 14 new mutations. Of these 14 mutations, 5 of them where very deadly. This mutation causes it to multiply 270 times inside the cell of the anteater animal. It also has an enzyme that enters the cell. In 2015, after testing drugs and vaccines, there was no effect on the virus.
The new mutated corona virus was born in an ant-eating animal. An epidemic was predicted for the world that they could not stop in the Chinese laboratory.   
Scientists in the world did try to make contact with the Chinees laboratory, but there appears to be no existence of these people. There are articles by the author's, but the author's of these articles no longer existed after researching for them.
When this disease started, they said this disease attacks the lungs. So why? Enzyme converting tool, eighty-five percent of these cells are in our lungs. It is in your heart, it is in your kidneys, it is in the Newman layer of the intestine. It is in the testicles it is in the uterus of women. But 85% are in our lung cells.
A study shows that the virus part (tentacles) that sticks in the body has mutated 348 times, to stick to the area he wants. So far, 28 deadly mutations have been found in the sticking area. 
Consequences: brain problems, blood clots, uterine problems in women, stroke, heart attack, sterilization in men. 
The virus mutates every three times it splits. The question is, can these mutations shut themselves down or can they make us worse?
The reason for the mutation of the virus is due to the branches that do not belong to it and have been attached to it.
They said, let's make a vaccine for this problem. As far as we know, 130 to 140 different vaccines are being made in the world. Making vaccin's is a very complex task and requires a variety of methods. 
Colombian biologists say what would you do if the vaccine did not work?
71% of the new Corona virus genetics are from the cold (winter virus) and 29% from mutations because it sticks to other points and parts of body. First: It sticks to other places because of its mutation. Second, In the old days, when we caught a cold, you would catch a cold again because we were not get immune to it. There are patients in the world who get the Corona virus for the second or third time and at this stage the disease becomes more severe.
There are patients in the world who get sick once and after three months they get this disease for the second time more severely. These are 10% of the people, so the other 90% kept the distance and didn't get that ill.  
These vaccines that are being made will not make you immune but you will produce antibodies. As far as we know this is not a live time antibody. But that does not mean you will never get a corona again.
In the virus bank, the mutations of this virus are kept and a new vaccine is going to be made every year.
Even if you get vaccinated against the virus, you have to keep your distance and use a mouth mask. Because vaccination is not a permanent immunity.
Breathing releases 20 viruses, You need a 1000 to get sick, You drop 200 of these viruses while talking, So if you talk to a sick person for 5 minutes, you will get this disease, When you cough and sneeze, you drop 200 million.
The virus eventually comes out of your stool.
According to a report in China, we have a protein in our blood called Selenium and selenoprotein wich are actually antioxidants: (vitamin C, E, zinc, selenium). They have a negative charge and low electronics and they cling to the positive charge of viruses. When these are present in the body enough, the virus is excreted by the kidneys. 
How to not get sick? Selenium 160 MG 2x in the morning, 160 MG 2x at night, In addition to the high dose of vitamin C (2000 MG daily) 1x 1000 MG day and 1x 1000 MG at night. Plus drinking of 2 liters of fluids a day. (Natural Apple juice, carrot juice and tea). Keep in mind that this builds up enormous resistance, usually athletes use such a high dose of vitamin.

If you do get sick If you get coronavirus, you should seek for help with injectable antioxidants, which are done through the hospital. 
Question's: Why is China not infected? His Scientific Answer: What is certain is that China is the creator of this virus. 
(End of video consultation). Dec 2020


Start of 2020 

The Clip 201 event pandemic exercise  (56:42 min video, a high-level pandemic exercise) by Johns Hopkins center for healt security in partnership with world Economic forum and Bill en Melinda Gates Foundation, on 18 October 2019.

The first infected patient appears to have reported to a hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan on December 1, 2019, with what turns out to be the corona virus. This conclusion from the scientific journal The Lancet raises questions about how fair China is about the outbreak. (20-01-2020)

Italian scientists have discovered traces of the coronavirus in sewage, which was collected in northern Italy in December 2019.  This suggests that the virus was already present in that country, before the first infections appeared in February 2020. 
1. China reported the first COVID-19 cases on 31 December 2019. 
China is reporting the use of QR code's. With the QR codes, certificates can be read based on the results of PCR tests. In China, QR codes have been used to map the corona virus since February 2020.
China is asking the world to use its QR code system at G20 meeting on 21 November 2020.  
A French investigation in May 2020 found that a man in Paris was already infected on 27 December 2019. The traces found in Italian sewage water may indicate that the virus was already circulating before that time.
The announcement of the success of the Chinese vaccine "Sinovac vaccine" coincided with Trump's defeat in last (2020) year's election.
2) Following the trade war, a trade agreement was reached with China in January 2020, requiring China to buy $ 200 billion worth of goods and services from the United States for two years (2022) after which tariffs on Chinese goods would be lifted.
3) Less than a month after the signing of this agreement, the corona virus was released worldwide. Many Chinese passangers where flying around the world. A government-backed Iranian airline that has flown to and from China as both countries battled worsening coronavirus outbreaks is facing criticism from some prominent Iranians who accuse Mahan Air of risking further spread of the virus in pursuit of profits. (VOA)
3.a) It only took less than a teaspoon of Corona virus to infect 50 million people world wide.
3.b) Aviation industry organization IATA reported passenger numbers in aircraft to return to normal, pre-corona crisis levels in 2023.
4) All of Trump's economic achievements with China will became unsuccessful.
5) The Chinese virus has spread to all parts of the world, but China itself is immune to this virus, and China has the highest economic growth unlike other countries.
5.a) More people will stay at home and work from home and shop online at home. Entrepreneurs buy the orders from wholesalers in China, the millions in profit for the major Chinese markets will be transform in trillions. Exports grew by more than 21 percent in November 2020 compared to a year earlier.
5.b) Stock market started to show slowly recovery again, Bitcoins rose from $ 10,000 (€ 8,435) each to $ 18,800. With that, the virtual currency is approaching its most valuable point ever. (Dec 2020)
6) Immediately after the announcement of Biden's victory, China announced that it had the vaccine for the virus and had successfully tested it.
6.a) Mr. Trump agrees to begin transferring power to the Biden administration for a short time only.
7) Dutch expert, searches with WHO for corona origin Virologist Marion Koopmans of Erasmus MC. (Nov 2020)
8) A prominent Iranian nuclear scientist has been the victim of an attack. It is about M.F. who is seen as the mastermind behind Tehran's alleged attempts to create an atomic bomb. Handwritten and drawings of him about nuclear warheads were found throughout Israel. (27-11-2020)
8.b) China immediately responds that coronavirus is coming from India, referring to the pollution of the water. (01-12-2020)
8.c) Note: An unknown disease has spread in the city of Andhra Pradesh: 'Mystery' illness puts hundreds in hospital" in India and so far one person has died and 227 have been hospitalised. Fainting and nausea are symptoms of this disease (07-12-2020)
9) The number of people worldwide who died from the effects of the corona virus passed the 1.5 million on 3 December 2020.
10) Global vaccination won't begin until the second (June) or third quarter (October) of 2021.
11) Quick test kit, offers a solution to prove that you are negative for corona.
12) Pharmaceutical Pfizer can deliver far fewer corona vaccines. The cut was caused by problems getting enough raw materials.
12.a) The US drug watchdog FDA on Tuesday admitted that 6 pepole who participated (40.000+) in the study into Pfizer's corona vaccine have died. One of them was suffering from immune deficiency, The Jerusalem Post writes, based on data previously released. (9-12-2020)
13) We may be heading for a third corona wave given the increasing number of infections. That's what Diederik Gommers said, head of the intensive care department of Erasmus MC. (9-12-2020)
14) European medicine agency EMA target of cyber attack. Vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer are currently waiting for an agreement from the EMA to make their vaccines available. It can be a failed attempt without further consequences, but also a situation where hackers have entered the systems and stolen, made inaccessible or destroyed data. (9-12-2020)
15) Denmark is no longer allowed to enter the United Kingdom due to mutated (5 times already ) corona virus, caused by mink. All minks are killed in France, Poland and the Netherlands. The mutant virus has been passed on to 12 people, according to Danish health authorities. (10-12-2020)
16) Poland is the second largest fur producer in the world after China and Denmark, according to animal rights groups. Denmark is in the process of culling the lion's share of the 17 million minks after the coronavirus mutated in the animals. In the Netherlands, the corona virus has been found on 70 mink farms. The animals there have been killed.
16) In October 2020, KLM CEO Pieter Elbers in an explanation said: "This is without a doubt the greatest crisis since the Second World War" for society and aviation.
17) "The Economist" predicts the year 2021, In his new cover design magazine 2021. (11-12-2020)
18) (10 percent) About two million Dutch people are currently protected against the corona virus, because they have been infected before. RIVM director Jaap van Dissel announced this. (11-12-2020)
19) A new variant of coronavirus has been found which is growing faster in some parts of England, The Netherlands, South Africa, Denmark. (15-12-2020)
20) The Netherlands & Germany, Uk, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in Lockdown.
21) British and Russian pharmaceutical companies want to merge vaccines.
22) Flight ban for UK, South Africa.
23) The corona vaccine developed by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the German biotechnology company BioNTech is also likely to prevent people from becoming ill from a mutated variant of the corona virus. There will be more clarity about this at the beginning of January, says BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin. (22-12-2020)
24) China may overtake the United States as the world's largest economy as early as 2028, the British consultancy Center for Economics and Business Research said in its annual report on Saturday. (26-12-2020)
25) First dose of vaccines (small numbers) arrive in Europe, intended for nurses and elderly people. (26-12-2020)
26) Taking photos, videos and live streams at the outbreak of the corona virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, 37-year-old Zhan Zhang will be put in four years in prison. Zhang, is originally a lawyer. (28-12-2020)
27) New Corona mutation mid February 2021.
28) The UK medicines authority has approved the use of the corona vaccine from British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, BBC News reports.  European approval may take a few more weeks. (30-12-2020)
29) Pfizer, new version should be ready by the end of the summer 2021. (01-01-2021) 
30) UK: Yesterday 03-01-2021, 53,000 new infections were added in 24 hours.
31) China delivered its corona vaccination to Brasil, the vaccine appears to have only 50% efficiency.
32) Virologist Marion Koopmans of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is part of an international research team of the WHO health organization, did not left yet to China, for her research "Corona origin". China: no visum for Corona researchers yet.  (05-01-2021)
33) China is calling on all its military to be prepared for a possible war. Be ready for war 'at any second': Xi Jinping to China’s military. (05-01-2020)
34) IAEA Confirms Iran has begun process of enriching Uranium to 20%.
35) Japan reported new Corona mutation. (10-01-2020)
36) Lockdown extension in the Netherlands (10-01-2021)
37) After a delay, China gives the green light for research into the origin of the corona virus. (11-01-2021)
38) After blaming India now China blames the Corona virus is coming from Europe. China would try through state media to convince the population that the corona virus already existed before it was discovered in Wuhan, according to Reuters news agency. For example, the coronavirus would have been discovered on imported frozen food and there would be 'scientific' studies that claim that the virus was already circulating in Europe. (13-1-2021)
39) Turkey buys 50 million doses of corona vaccine from China knowing that the efficiency is only 50.38% !
39) China shipped 224 billion mouth masks in 2020. The total value of the mouth masks shipped was 340 billion yuan (about 43 billion euros), which is about 2 percent of the total Chinese exports. In addition, Chinese companies have exported 100 billion yuan worth of medicines and medical supplies. "Demand for Chinese goods may well remain strong in the coming months due to the recent rise in infections in the United States and Europe," said a market expert.
40) On the night of Thursday to Friday 15-1-2021, the US government issued new sanctions against high-ranking Chinese officials and companies, including oil company China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).The well-known tech company Xiaomi and aircraft manufacturer Camec were also blacklisted. The companies are accused of having links with the Chinese military.
41) There is uncertainty about the South African, Japanese and Brazilian variant. The vaccines may not work. (20-01-2021)

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Dutch expert, searches with WHO for corona origin Virologist Marion Koopmans of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is part of an international research team of the WHO health organization, which will investigate the origin of the coronavirus. The virus first appeared in humans last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan. But exactly where it came from is not entirely clear to date. Erasmus MC confirmed a message from NRC and the British newspaper The Telegraph about the participation of the prominent Dutch virologist. Virologists and public and animal health experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Qatar, Germany, Vietnam and Russia, among others, are involved in the study. The scientists hope to be able to conduct research on site as soon as possible. (27-11-2020)

WHO: No visa yet for research into the origin of corona in China

An international scientific team on behalf of the WHO health organization is on its way to China to investigate the origin of the coronavirus, but Beijing has not yet completed the procedure to admit the researchers.  "I am very disappointed with this news, as two members had already started their journey and others were unable to travel at the last minute," WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a news conference on Tuesday.

Tedros has again made it clear to Chinese officials that the mission is a priority for the health organization.  WHO's Mike Ryan expressed the hope that the obstacles could be resolved "in the next few hours".  The investigation would start much earlier, but the Chinese seem to be holding back. In July, the WHO said China is the best place to start the investigation. (06-01-2021)


After a delay, China gives the green light for research into the origin of the corona virus

A team of international health experts has received permission from China to travel to the country after more than a week's delay. The team is investigating the origin of the coronavirus on behalf of the World Health Organization, but that was delayed because Beijing did not complete the procedure to admit the researchers for some time. Beijing says experts will arrive January 14, 2021. Their itinerary has not been disclosed. The health experts were officially scheduled to arrive in China in early January. That was later than originally intended; The WHO stated in July that the investigation should start in China, because the virus was first discovered in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan at the end of 2019. Virologist Marion Koopmans travels to China on behalf of the Netherlands to investigate the origin of the virus.  She too was delayed due to the lack of necessary visas. (11-01-2021)

Virologist Koopmans and WHO team landed in Wuhan for corona research

An international team of experts from the WHO health organization, including the Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, arrived in the Chinese city of Wuhan on Thursday, Chinese state broadcaster CGTN reports. After landing, the team was received by Chinese officials in protective clothing. In the coming weeks, the researchers will try to find out the origin of the corona virus. The researchers will stay in China for four weeks, of which the first two are in quarantine. The research focuses mainly on the metropolis of Wuhan, where the corona virus was first discovered in 2019.  The aim of the study, according to WHO expert Mike Ryan, is not to pinpoint a culprit, but to look for answers that can prevent future pandemics. After the mandatory quarantine period, the scientists will talk to their Chinese colleagues.
China would try through state media to convince the population that the corona virus already existed before it was discovered in Wuhan, according to Reuters news agency. For example, the coronavirus would have been discovered on imported frozen food and there would be 'scientific' studies that claim that the virus was already circulating in Europe. (14-01-2021) 


In China, the WHO team is already starting research from quarantine

The international team of the WHO health organization that is investigating the origin of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, will start working from quarantine on Friday 15-1-2021.  "The work starts today, on day one," writes researcher Peter Daszak on Twitter on Friday. He reports that the members of the team, including the Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, will already have a digital meeting with their Chinese colleagues.

Although the research program is not yet fully established, Australian virologist Dominic Dwyer says that visits will be made to research institutions, hospitals and the market in Wuhan that is linked to the first corona infections at the end of 2019.

The visits cannot take place yet. Dwyer says the team members must stay in their rooms during the mandatory two-week quarantine. (15-01-2021)



More than 93 + million people have now been tested positive for COVID-19. The United States is the front runner with more than 24+ million people. Russia and India are two of the hardest hit countries. More than 3,5 + million coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in Russia and the number of cases in India is over 10,5 + million. Brazil is coming quickly up to 8,3 + million. Uk 3,3 + million infections. More than 2 + million people have died from the effects of the disease. 

Check the corona figures

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 219 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances.

- Daily deaths: 16 k +
- Daily new cases: 754 k +
- Currently infected: 23 million + 
- Coronavirus cases; 93 million +
- Recovered: 67 million + (97%) 
- Deaths: 2 million + (3%)


- Total cases in China 87.988 K
- Recovered 82.353 K
- Deaths 4.635 K
- Population: 1.393 billion (2018)




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