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New dangerous mutation by 15 Feb. 2021 to June 2021

(Clinical Microbiologist, Subspecialty in Genetics and Infectious Microbes in Texas) A new dangerous mutation in the corona virus from February 2021 to June 2021 upcoming. Example from the points that have been seen: people who blink with eyes or get stutter. According to a new study you must create a high selenium protein in your body in combination with antioxidant intake and high doze vitamin C so that the virus tentacles can not stick in to your body parts. (30-12-2020)

Vitamin D

The Dutch Health Council states that not enough research has yet been done to say whether taking extra vitamin D pills can prevent COVID-19. The elderly, children up to four years old and people with dark skin are still advised to take vitamin D. (04-03-2021)


 New variant of B.1.526 coronavirus in New York

Researchers are concerned about a new variant of the coronavirus spreading in New York, American media reports. Coronavirus variant B.1.526 first appeared in the city in November 2020. The researchers discovered the variant in the shared database GISAID. In February 2021, the mutated version appeared in a quarter of the sequences from the database that the scientists examined. The New York variant of the virus bears similarities to those from South Africa and Brazil, the scientists say. The variant is said to be more contagious and weaken the body's immune response. Scientists from the California Institute of Technology and a team from Columbia University researched the new variant in New York. They have not yet received any peer reviews. (25-02-2021)


 7 virus variants found in the US with the same mutation

(NYTIMES) Scientists don't yet know if the mutation makes the variants more contagious, but they fear it could be the case.  "There is clearly something going on with this mutation," said Jeremy Kamil, a virologist at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport and co-author of the new study. It's unclear whether it makes the variants more contagious. But because the mutation occurs in a gene that affects how the virus enters human cells, the scientists are highly suspicious. (17-02-2021)

 Brazil is bracing for the 'Manaus variant' corona virus P1

The so-called 'Brazilian variant' of the coronavirus has already been detected in at least fifteen countries.  But in Brazil itself, the mutation has not even been found in every state. Brazilian scientists prefer to speak of the P1 or 'Manaus variant', after the city where the mutation comes from. (14-02-2020)

 South African variant distributed via Dubai

Two Brazilian variants and the South African variant of the coronavirus are also gaining a foothold in the Netherlands. The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) noted in the latest advice to the cabinet that the South African variant enters Europe via Dubai.
The OMT recommends that positive corona tests of travelers from the United Arab Emirates (which includes Dubai) be investigated on the South African variant.  In addition, the germ surveillance (sample that looks at the corona variant) is further scaled up. Van den Hof calls it "not surprising" that the South African variant enters Europe via Dubai, since many intercontinental air travel goes via Dubai. She says not to worry.  "No, that's a big word. We have to keep a close eye on it and it is good that through cooperation with other European countries those signals are coming in. It shows that it is even more important that people coming from Dubai are quarantined and  get tested. We can't do more than that. " (10-02-2021)


 A Brazilian corona variant with three worrisome mutations in the Netherlands P1 & P2

It was announced on Thursday 28-1-2021 that another corona variant from South America, with one worrying mutation, had been detected in Brabant.  One Gelderlander also appears to carry this type of virus. The so-called P1 virus strain was found in Amsterdam, in two people who recently traveled to Brazil.  The mutation was discovered during source and contact research. The virus variant is normally mainly detected around the remote Brazilian metropolis of Manaus.
It is not clear how many people have been in contact with the two travelers from the Amsterdam region. RIVM reports that further research is being carried out. The people in Brabant who came into contact with the other Brazilian corona variant, the so-called P2 virus strain, have not recently been to the South American country. The GGD is investigating how they contracted the virus.
Experts are concerned about the corona variants in South America, because the virus mutations show similarities with the South African variant. They may be more contagious and at least two vaccines appear to provide less protection than initially expected against the mutations.  The vaccines are still considered effective.
The cabinet decided in mid-January on the advice of the experts to impose a flight ban to the continent, in order to prevent further spread of the mutations.  The flight ban went into effect this week, but the corona variants were found earlier this month. (29-1-2021)


 California, new variant of coronavirus Cal.20C

A new variant of the coronavirus CAL.20C has surfaced in California, the mutations of which are similar to the British and South African variant. The California variant was first found in Los Angeles in a July 2020 test sample. It then took until October for the same virus variant to reappear in Southern California. Currently also in North California. (27-1-2021)


Japan, new variant of coronavirus

Japanese authorities have found a new variant of the coronavirus in four people entering the country from Brazil. According to the Department of Health, the mutated virus partially resembles the British and South African variants. (12-1-2021)

Brazil, new variant of coronavirus P.1

Brazilian corona variant pops up in the Netherlands, in a care institution in Brabant (29-1-2021) This is a virus mutation that may be more contagious than the original coronavirus. A spokesperson for the institute confirms that it is not about the mutation that has gripped the Brazilian metropolis of Manaus. It would be a variant that was mainly seen in Rio de Janeiro. The mutation would have some similarities with the South African variant. The fear is that these variants will cause people to become infected with the corona virus a second time more often. Currently, more than one in three Dutch people who test positive would have become infected with the British corona variant, in February that share will probably increase to half. Experts from the OMT expect that the presence of virus mutations will increase the pressure on the health system again, resulting in more admissions and deaths. A third corona wave has been called "inevitable" before.

This mutation may be more contagious than other variants like the UK variant. (29-1-2021)
Experts are concerned about the corona variants in South America, because the virus mutations show similarities with the South African variant. They may be more contagious and at least two vaccines seem to provide less protection than initially expected against the mutations. The vaccines are still considered effective. (02-02-2021)
The so-called P1 virus strain was found in Amsterdam, in two people who recently traveled to Brazil.  The mutation was discovered during source and contact research.  The virus variant is normally mainly detected around the remote Brazilian metropolis of Manaus. (02-02-2021)
- Change in its genetic code and shape of protein. The new variant detected in Japan and travelers from Brazil, has 12 mutations.


 South Africa, new variant of coronavirus B1351

It seems that the so-called South African variant of the coronavirus (501Y.V2) can escape previously built-up defenses. This became clear on Monday evening during an extensive scientific briefing led by epidemiologist Salim Abdool Karim about the results of a month of intensive research into this variant. These are preliminary results that have not yet been published in scientific articles. Compared to the British variant, the South African has three changes in the portion of the spike protein on the outside of the virus that attaches to the human cell's ACE2 receptor. The two variants share one mutation that causes this: N501Y. But two others that the South African variant has, E484K and K417N, may enhance infectivity and immune system escape. (23-1-2021) (
AstraZeneca vaccine less effective against South African virus'

The corona vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford appears to offer less protection against mild and moderate symptoms caused by the South African virus variant.  That writes The Financial Times. (07-02-2121)
- Is similar to the English variant, but bypasses the immune system.


UK, new variant of coronavirus B117

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference on Friday that there are indications that the mutation in his country may not only be more contagious, but also more deadly than the original coronavirus. But that is not yet certain, because much is still unclear. (23-1-2021)


 The British variant much easier to transmit

This is an original and dominant virus type, according to several studies, deadlier variant, let's see why. The example comes from epidemiologist Adam Kucharski. As an example we first take the situation we are in now, with 9,000 infections per day and a reproduction rate of 1.15. This leads to each infected person infecting 1.15 people every six days. After a month we are at more than 18,000 infections per day. The percentage that dies from this is 0.8, or 145 deaths per day. But the virus now mutates into a version that is half deadly then this ensures that every infected person infected 1.65 others after six days. After a month, the number of infections has risen to 110,000 per day. With a death rate of 0.8, that means almost 900 deaths per day. Nearly 700 more than a virus that is half the deadly, of course this is just an example where all measures do not apply. But it shows that a more contagious virus is in theory a more deadly virus in the end.
The British corona mutation has been found in almost all EU member states, according to a meeting of the European Commission on Thursday. The South African variety has emerged in fourteen EU countries, and the Brazilian in seven.  "We still have a major challenge ahead of us," warns chairman Ursula von der Leyen. (25-02-2021)


Clarity about mutated corona virus

 Pfizer / BioNTech

According to Pfizer and BioNTech, their vaccine also works when infected with the British or South African variant of the corona virus

"Small differences" found during research are unlikely to make the corona vaccine much less effective, the companies said in a statement Thursday. The companies emphasize that they continue to monitor how effective the corona vaccine is in practice. They promise to take action when needed. (28-1-2021)


 Oxford, a vaccine against new variants

Scientists at Oxford University are hard at work developing new versions of the AstraZeneca vaccine that are effective against the corona variants from South Africa, Brazil and the United Kingdom, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph reports. (21-1-2021)


AstraZeneca will deliver fewer vaccines than expected in the first quarter. This is because a European production has been send to UK. The European Commission informed AstraZeneca on Monday 25-1 that it expects the contractually agreed amount of doses to be expected as soon as possible. Governments want to know what they can count on. This is necessary in order, for example, to be able to decide whether they should keep doses on hand to be able to administer the necessary second injection to vaccinated people. (27-1-2021)



Amsterdam UMC started a major investigation into a new corona vaccine. Hospitals around the world are participating in the study, which requires a total of 36 thousand participants. The vaccine, CureVac, has already been purchased by the Dutch government and is now in the final testing phase. Amsterdammers who want to participate can register via this website.


 Quarantaine hotels UK

In England, special quarantine hotels have opened their doors for the first time to British and learners who have arrived from a risk country.  They are obliged to stay in such a hotel for ten days, at their own expense.  These can amount to more than 2000 euros.  Security personnel escorted passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport to buses, which took them to their hotel. (15-02-2021)


 Not in the ICU, but tired, weak and without a sense of smell for months 

What if everything you eat tastes like something else?  Basil to plastic, paprika to soap and sweat.  And your own sweat smells like onion - or you don't smell your body odor at all. A large group of ex-corona patients suffer from this.  It limits them considerably in their daily life.  And the complaints continue. General practitioners see patients with extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, concentration problems and greatly reduced muscle strength and condition. (14-02-2021)


Breast milk

The breast milk of women who have become infected with the coronavirus contains important antibodies against the coronavirus. The discovery was made by researchers from the Emma Children's Hospital of Amsterdam UMC. The antibodies in breast milk were also still present after the milk was heated, the researchers report in a press release.  According to the researchers, this is important, because only after heating (pasteurization) the breast milk is usable for others. (18-08-2020)


Children can carry coronavirus in their noses

- (CNN) Children can carry coronavirus in their noses and throats for weeks even if they don't show any symptoms, which might explain how the virus can spread silently, researchers in South Korea reported Friday. (29-08-2020)


Corona is even more harmful than we already knew: it also affects the brain

Dutch researchers at the Amsterdam UMC have discovered that corona is even more harmful than we already knew: it also affects the brain. The disease can cause the immune system in the brain to run wild. The research is published today in the leading medical journal The Lancet Microbe. Immune cells (so-called T lymphocytes) were discovered that do not belong in the brain. They found these abnormalities in the entire brain and spinal cord in the deceased patients.  "These are cells that are normally excluded from the brain," says dr. Van der Valk.  "But in the covid-19 patients, we saw that they had left the bloodstream and entered the brain tissue. Then I know as a pathologist: here's something not ok. (26-09-2020)

Vaccination, the Dutch population is divided into groups

The pace of vaccination will slow down because pharmaceutical AstraZeneca can deliver fewer doses of the corona vaccine in the first quarter than agreed. That is what Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) says on Monday 25-1 about the Dutch vaccination strategy. Change of plan: Vaccination strategy (version January 12, 2021)

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