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Airline companies deep into red as a result of the corona crisis

If there is one industry that has been given a lot by COVID-19, it is aviation. It is estimated that tens of thousands of jobs in the sector will be lost.  This is a reason for many flight attendants to switch to a job in healthcare. (18-10-2020)
Pilots are going through a rough time due to the corona crisis. Aircraft's are mainly aground and many airlines pilots are fired. It was once a dream profession, but now they have uncertain times. (13-08-2020)
Aviation industry organization IATA expects passenger numbers in aircraft to return to normal, pre-corona crisis levels in 2023.


Airline  | Changes

- Face masks mandatory,

- Plane deep cleaned daily,

- Flight crew wearing PPE,

- Passenger sanitation packs provided,

- Changes to food service.


Schiphol Airport loss of 563 million euros 2020 | 82,9% less passangers

 •  Schiphol transported more than 70 percent fewer passengers in the past year (2020) than in 2019. Partly because of this, the company suffered a loss of 563 million euros, compared to a profit of 355 million euros in 2019. The company reports this in the annual figures on Friday 19/02.  Earlier this week, Schiphol already reported that the number of travelers in January was at the lowest point since June.  More than 869,000 passengers passed through, which is 82.9 percent less than the 5 million in January last year.  The number of flight movements decreased by 61 percent to 14,666 movements, because many aircraft are stationary. (19-02-2021)


2021 Q3


KLM pilots at the baggage claim at Schiphol due to staff shortages

Due to the shortage of people at the baggage claim and other ground personnel, KLM pilots are helping out this summer. The company announced this to De Telegraaf on Friday. The staff shortage does not only affect KLM, it also causes problems at Transavia. As a result, even employees of Groningen Airport Eelde come to Schiphol to help Transavia partner Viggo with the handling of baggage.
Holidaymakers who have recently landed at Schiphol are already familiar with the problem: longer waiting times at the baggage claim. These longer waiting times were caused by a lack of hands in, among other things, that department.
Airlines such as KLM have turned away many flex workers in the past year and a half. Due to the travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic, there was much less flying, which also meant less staff was needed. In the summer, however, it is busier at Schiphol, so the available hands could not handle the crowds.
As a result of the shortage of ground staff, KLM has asked other employees, including pilots, to assist. The airline informs De Telegraaf that about thirty people have assisted. The airline states that the staff is asked to help out every summer, but the trade union FNV disputes that.
The staff shortage at Schiphol also affects Transavia. As an emergency measure, this airline receives help from the north: employees of Groningen Airport Eelde assist the handling company Viggo. Viggo has been taking care of Transavia's baggage handling since April. (03-09-2021)


The EU removed the US & Israel from the list of countries that do not have travel restrictions

The deteriorating corona figures of recent times are the reason for both countries. EU member states are being called on to introduce stricter travel rules, such as a mandatory quarantine and additional testing on arrival, for Americans and Israelis traveling to Europe. In theory, an EU state does not have to comply, but no country objected during the vote.
To get and stay on the safe travel list, a country is not allowed to have more than 75 daily new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants over the past two weeks. Both the US (333 positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants) and Israel (621) are well above this.
Stagnant vaccination rates in both countries also contribute to the removal of the US and Israel from the safe list. Only 53 percent of Americans over the age of 18 have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Israel got off to a good start on the vaccination track, but the vaccination rate among everyone who qualifies for a vaccine has barely increased in recent months and is currently only just above 60 percent.
Since June, American travelers have not had to be quarantined upon arrival in Europe if they have been fully vaccinated or have recently tested negative. The US itself has closed its borders to non-essential travel by Europeans over the summer, sparking outrage from the EU.
In addition to the US and Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Lebanon have also been removed from the list. For those countries, all non-essential travel is also discouraged. (03-09-2021)


KLM will not fly to the American cities

KLM will not fly to the American cities of Las Vegas, Miami and Orlando for the time being. The airline expects less enthusiasm in the coming period, because the outgoing cabinet has recently introduced stricter rules for people traveling from the United States to the Netherlands. (03-09-2021)


2021 Q2

 KLM CEO: 'It is an illusion that you can put walls around countries'

KLM CEO Pieter Elbers states that the travel restrictions that apply due to the corona crisis are seriously hampering the recovery of aviation and therefore also his society.  According to him, limiting air traffic is not necessarily an effective method to contain the virus, he said on Thursday in an explanation of the first quarter results of KLM. (06-05-2021)


 Extra billion euro support for Air France is said to be a matter of time

The French government is about to provide the national airline Air France with additional financial support, insiders say Saturday to Bloomberg news agency.  The French would only wait for approval from Brussels and Air France-KLM. The bailout package would consist of several billion euros and be announced in the course of next week. (27-03-2021)

 Airlines must also compensate passengers in the event of a strike.

Passengers are now also entitled to compensation if their flight is delayed by more than three hours or canceled due to a strike.  This was determined by the European Court of Justice in a judgment published Tuesday.  The compensation can amount to a maximum of 600 euros per traveler.



2021 Q1

Borrow 1 billion euros

IAG, the parent company of British Airways (BA) and Vueling and a direct competitor of Air France-KLM, wants to borrow 1 billion euros on the capital market. The airline company announced this on Thursday 16 march 2021. This would give the group financial air for a longer period of time, now that the corona crisis has lasted longer than expected. The sector has been at a standstill for a year now and airlines hope that more travel will be possible from this summer.
But as the number of new infections in many countries rises again and vaccinations do not go as quickly as hoped, hopes of a rapid resumption of air traffic are fading. he parent company of Air France and KLM has previously announced that it is in talks with the French and Dutch governments about an additional capital injection. A decision on this has not yet been taken. This would involve converting loans into shares, a form of direct state aid. At IAG, 185 million euros in capital evaporates every week. (18-03-2021)


Historic: KLM's last Boeing 747-400 left for good

SCHIPHOL - The only remaining KLM passenger Boeing 747-400 left for good at Schiphol-East this morning. After a short farewell speech on the radio, the plane took off from the East runway towards Teruel, Spain, where it will be parked in the near future. The departure marks the end of almost 50 years of passenger flights with KLM 747s. (15-02-2021)


AeroMexico pilots: "could we fly low over Amsterdam?"

On Sunday 17-1-2021 evening, Dutch air traffic control was asked by pilots of a Boeing 787 of the Mexican airline AeroMexico whether they could fly low over Amsterdam. The pilots wanted to admire the capital from the air.
"You would wake up all of Amsterdam," said an astonished air traffic controller, as can be heard in an audio clip of the conversation between the pilots and the control tower. "Is there a chance that we will be able to fly at 4,000 feet (1,200 meters, ed.) Over Amsterdam?" The pilots asked on Sunday shortly before taking off at 10.30 pm. Air traffic control responded in disbelief and said this was not possible. The pilots were surprised and said they came up with the idea "because it is nearby". However, air traffic control made it clear to the Mexicans that the approximately 60 meter long plane "would wake up all of Amsterdam". However, the air traffic controller advised them "to visit Amsterdam when everything is open again".


 Airbus had to cancel more orders

In the first two months of this year, Airbus had to cancel more orders than were received, according to new figures from the aircraft manufacturer.  The European company is, among other things, troubled by the problems at Norwegian Air, which received permission from an Irish judge last month to cancel 88 aircraft.  This year, compared to 11 orders for Airbus, 92 cancellations were expected up to and including 28 February, resulting in a negative order intake of 81. The number of deliveries during January and February stands at 53, of which 32 aircraft in the past month.  Not only Airbus is suffering from the aftermath of the loss of Norwegian Air, Boeing also had to deal with the necessary cancellations.  The Norwegian price fighter canceled an order for 97 aircraft from the American aircraft manufacturer in June. (05-03-2021)


EasyJet transports half as many passengers and has the first loss ever 

Airline easyJet transported half the number of passengers in the past financial year.  Until September 30, the company transported only 48.1 million people, compared to 96.1 million in the previous year.  The company therefore closed the financial year with a loss before tax of 1.3 billion pounds (1.4 billion euros), the first loss for society ever. (2-01-2021)


Ryanair had less than a quarter of the normal number of passengers

Ryanair transported 78 percent fewer travelers last year than in 2019. In total, the Irish low-cost carrier brought 8.1 million people to their destination, the airline reports. (2-02-2021)


Lufthansa limits losses to half a million euros per hour 

According to Spohr, the loss of half a million euros per hour represents a "significant improvement" compared to a year earlier, when Lufthansa drove it more than double. (21-1-2022)


KLM will stop operating long-haul flights

Due to the mandatory quick test for travelers from abroad, there is a good chance that KLM will stop operating long-haul flights on Saturday 23, 2021. As it stands, hundreds of freight and passenger flights a week would be canceled, the airline says. (20-01-2021)


Norwegian Air, no cheap flights between Europe and the US

Norwegian Air is discontinuing its long-haul flights.  The ailing company announced this on Thursday.  As a result, the airline no longer flies between Amsterdam and New York. Norwegian also flew from Amsterdam to New York, with ticket prices well below the level of the established airlines. That put price pressure on all tickets on that route. (15-01-2021)


Three quarters fewer passengers at Europe's busiest airport, Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport, Europe's busiest airport, handled 22.1 million travelers last year. That was 73 percent less than the 80.9 million from the year before, the airport manager reports Monday. At the same time it was announced that the British airline easyJet has taken out an additional credit facility.  London Heathrow was the busiest airport in Europe for some time, but lost this title to Paris-Charles de Gaulle in October last year. In December 2020 there were even 83 percent fewer passengers at the London airport. The British airline easyJet is also going through difficult times. The company announced on Monday that it has entered into a credit facility of 1.4 billion pounds (1.55 billion euros). This facility, with a term of five years, is backed in part by a state guarantee from the UK government. The budget company previously cut 4,500 jobs due to the corona crisis. (11-01-2021)



Dozens of flights from the United Kingdom canceled

Airlines KLM, EasyJet and British Airways have already canceled dozens of flights on Sunday 20 December due to the flight ban for travelers from the United Kingdom. The two flights from Ryanair to Eindhoven that were still on the calendar this year have now also been removed from the schedule. The travel ban that the cabinet has imposed is due to a mutation of the corona virus. This more contagious mutation was recently discovered in the United Kingdom and was also found in the Netherlands in early December, the Ministry of Health wrote. (20-12-2020)

KLM is currently not allowed to fly passengers from Schiphol to Hong Kong

Airline KLM is currently no longer allowed to transport passengers from Amsterdam to Hong Kong.  A spokesperson for the company confirms this when asked.  KLM is allowed to take travelers from Hong Kong to Schiphol on board.  Cargo is still flown between Amsterdam and Hong Kong. (11-12-2020)


London's Heathrow Airport will close one of its four terminals

Until at least the end of 2021. That makes the second busiest airport in Europe announced on Friday.  The terminal was closed earlier this year due to the corona pandemic, but because the flying market has not recovered, the closure will be extended until the end of next year. (12-12-2020)


Number of air passengers in the US at the lowest level in five months

Passenger numbers at American airports were at their lowest point since July 4 on Tuesday. This is according to figures from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). According to CEO of Delta Airlines Ed Bastian, the numbers will remain so low for the time being. He does think that many people will go out again in the spring, because there is a chance that by then tens of millions of Americans will have been vaccinated "and people want to get on with their lives".  CEO Bastian. (09-12-2020)


Since March 2020, 61 percent fewer flights to and from the Netherlands than year before

Due to the corona crisis, the number of passengers lagged 82 percent behind the volume of a year earlier from March to October, EUROCONTROL reports Tuesday. A total of 48 million fewer passengers flew via our country, according to the European organization that supports air traffic control. According to EUROCONTROL, KLM operated 57 percent fewer flights in that week and Transavia 80 percent fewer. The American Delta Airlines is now the third airline, although the company flew 51 percent less this year.  EasyJet fell from number two to eighth (-93 percent). Thanks to cargo flights, Qatar Airways was able to double the number of its own activities and is therefore good for fourth place.(8-12-2020)


New round of layoffs at airline Lufthansa

More jobs are disappearing at Lufthansa than expected. About 29,000 jobs will be lost this year, German media write on Sunday, based on anonymous sources. That is more than the redundancy of 27,000 communicated in October.  Another 10,000 jobs will be lost next year. (6-12-2029)


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1.8 billion euros financial rescue for TUI

German tour operator TUI will receive a financial rescue package for the third time in the corona crisis, the company announced on Wednesday. This is a package worth 1.8 billion euros, which includes state guarantees and loans. In addition to loans and state guarantees, TUI's largest shareholder, Russian billionaire Alexey Mordashov, wants to increase his stake in the company.  He now owns 25 percent of the shares and wants to expand that to 36 percent.  For this, he needs permission from the supervisor BaFin.  If he does not agree, he wants to increase his interest to 29.9 percent. (3-12-2020)


Close to bankruptcy Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air, which has already filed for bankruptcy protection, is making an effort to save what can be saved. The airline that quickly became aware of the cheap flights between Europe and the US made a proposal on Thursday to reduce its debts. Only 6 of the company's 140 aircraft are still flying. The rest is idle on the ground, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that the company used for flights between Amsterdam and New York. Monday is the case in which the judge will determine whether Norwegian Air will indeed receive a deferment of payment. (3-12-2020)


Air France-KLM, an important part of transport, corona vaccines via Schiphol Airport

"We are ready for it," said Pieter Elbers on Thursday. After Frankfurt, Schiphol is the most important European transit port for the pharmaceutical industry. "Schiphol will certainly be one of the most important transit ports for vaccines", Marcel Kuijn, Air France-KLM responsible for pharmaceutical logistics, told Reuters. He expects at least 30 percent of the global distribution of vaccines to go through the air. (30-11-2020)

1.4 billion euros loss EasyJey 

Airline company easyJet transported half the number of passengers in the past financial year. Until September 30, the company transported only 48.1 million people, compared to 96.1 million in the previous year. As a result, the company closed the financial year with a loss before tax of 1.3 billion pounds (1.4 billion euros), the first loss for the Airline ever. (17-11-2020)

Loss of 350 million Euro's Lufthansa

The German Lufthansa sees as a result of the corona crisis in the coming period up to 350 million euros more per month than is coming in. The German competitor of Air France-KLM warns about this on Thursday.  In the third quarter of this year, the difference was still 200 million euros per month. (11-11-2020)

76.3 percent less travelers 

In the third quarter of 2020, nearly 5.5 million passengers traveled via the five Dutch airports. That's nearly 18 million, or 76.3 percent less than in the same period last year. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports this on Monday. (11-11-2020)

KLM loss of 1.7 billion euros in the third quarter

Air France-KLM, KLM's parent company, suffered a loss of 1.7 billion euros in the third quarter, the company announced on Friday. KLM is taking into account the loss of more jobs due to the second corona wave. For KLM, the loss amounted to EUR 234 million. "These figures once again make it clear how bad things are still going in aviation," says KLM CEO Pieter Elbers in an explanation. "This is without a doubt the greatest crisis since the Second World War; for society, for aviation and certainly also for KLM."  Without the NOW scheme, KLM would have suffered a loss of EUR 500 million in the third quarter. (30-10-2020)


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Fewer flights RyanAir

Airline Ryanair will operate significantly fewer flights in the winter months, the company announced on Wednesday. It also wants to temporarily close bases in its home country of Ireland and France and further cut down on personnel costs. (18-10-2020)


Loss of 924 million euros EasyJet 

The British airline easyJet has ended up in the red for the first time in its existence due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The company made a loss of 845 million pounds (over 924 million euros) in the broken financial year closed at the end of September, easyJet announced on Thursday. (18-10-2020)


KLM  more jobs will be lost

 Airline company KLM takes into account that more jobs will be lost at the company than the previously announced five thousand.  This is because the recovery in aviation is lagging behind expectations, KLM CEO Pieter Elbers wrote in an internal message to employees on Friday. (3-10-2020)


ANVR takes airlines to court

Travel industry organization ANVR takes airlines to court that refuse to refund money for canceled flights. First it is Royal Air Maroc's turn, the ANVR announced on Tuesday. A claim has been made for Royal Air Maroc and Aeroflot, El Al and Air Transat may follow.  The case against Moroccan society may put pressure on other companies to pay, the spokesman for the trade association said. (10-09-2020)


18 percent of what is normal

After signs of recovery in international aviation industry, it will relapse again from August. The number of tickets sold has dropped to 18 percent of what is normal, according to figures from travel analyst Forwardkeys. ForwardKeys does not expect the third quarter to bring a spectacular improvement. On average, ticket sales in Europe will not exceed 30 percent of the normal level. (10-09-2020)

Cutting up jobs FinnAir

Finnair is cutting up to 1,000 jobs, Qantas another 2,500, Etihad and Emirates are sending staff on unpaid leave, as many as 19,000 jobs are disappearing at American Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic is pending approval of a debt reduction plan. As a result of the corona crisis, airlines have to take all kinds of new measures to keep their heads above water. (10-09-2020)

loss of 5.4 billion pounds Rolls-Royce

Aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce is severely affected by the aviation malaise caused by the corona crisis. The British company recorded a loss of 5.4 billion pounds (6 billion euros) in the first half of the year. (10-09-2020)


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Fraudulent and dubious licenses

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Vision Air International (PVT) are immediately prohibited from operating flights to destinations in the European Union for at least six months, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) tells on Tuesday. Pakistan is currently grounding at least 400+ pilots over fraudulent and dubious licenses. (10-06-2020)


Singapore Airlines cut of 4,300 jobs

Singapore Airlines is forced to cut 4,300 jobs due to the corona crisis.  That amounts to about 20 percent of the workforce, the airline said on Thursday. This is the biggest job loss in the company's history. (10-09-2020)


Transavia | Ibiza

Transavia will continue to fly daily to Ibiza and Mallorca for the time being, even though the two Spanish destinations have now been provided with an orange travel advice.  That says a spokesman for the airline. (10-09-2020)


Only one order for AirBus

Airbus received only one order throughout August 2020. Airbus received one order last month, the European aircraft manufacturer reports Tuesday. That is much less than usual. (10-09-2020)


Man expelled after refusing a mouth mask 

A Dutch man was send out a Transavia plane yesterday in Faro, Portugal, because he refused to wear a mouth mask. A Transavia spokesperson confirms this to RTL News. The man refused to follow the instructions of the staff. (10-09-2020)


A number of so-called hedge funds have raised hundreds of millions of euros in recent months by speculating on falls in the price of shares (short selling) of Lufthansa and travel company TUI, among others. Hedge funds are investment funds that try to generate returns in more than one way. (14-08-2020)


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The Schiphol Group, which includes the airports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Lelystad, cannot escape a reorganization. Several hundred jobs out of a total workforce of about three thousand will be cut. (28-08-2020)


Aircraft stripes double the contribution of aviation to climate change 

During the lockdown in March, April and May, the number of flights worldwide fell dramatically. According to some measurements, this sometimes resulted in up to 90 percent fewer airplane stripes. What not everyone knows is that these man-made clouds have an influence on the weather, and ultimately also on the climate. The airplane clouds block solar radiation, like a kind of mirror. This way the stripes have a cooling effect. But the earth also gives off heat. And then those same clouds act like a blanket that traps heat.  "Ultimately, the warming effect will win," says Piet Siebesma, a cloud expert at KNMI and TU Delft.  "The net effect is that airplane stripes make the climate slightly warmer." (30-08-2020)

7,500 jobs will be lost at Air France

Despite state support from the French government, more than 7,500 jobs will be lost at Air France, including 1,000 jobs at sister company HOP! (14-08-2020)


TUI is borrowing another 1.2 billion euros

TUI is borrowing another 1.2 billion euros from the German government. An existing loan is increased by the German state bank by 1.05 billion euros. (13-08-2020).


Negative result of almost 800 million euros KLM

KLM realized a negative result of almost 800 million euros over the first six months of this year, according to the airline's half-year figures on Thursday. In the same period last year, this was still a positive result of 223 million euros, a difference of almost 1 billion euros. (31-7-2020) KLM is currently losing 10 million euros a day.  "In this context, KLM cannot afford to implement the salary increase in August. Not socially, not financially. (14-08-2020)

loss of 3.6 billion euro for January through June 2020 Lufthansa

The German Lufthansa Group, the parent company of Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and Lufthansa, among others, states that it no longer avoids the dismissal of employees in Germany. Financial results were dramatic, with a loss of 3.6 billion euro for January through June, against a loss of 116 million euro a year earlier. (14-08-2020)


19,000 jobs at risk at American Airlines

American airline will cut 19,000 jobs if the company does not receive another billions of dollars in government support to pay for six months in labor costs. The company expects to operate less than half of its usual flights. (25-08-2020)


US airlines 

Us Airline transported 80 percent fewer passengers in June 2020" 


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Rescue of the airline AirEuropa

The Spanish government wants to speed up the rescue of the airline AirEuropa, reports day bath ABC on Saturday. Madrid considers Air Europa "strategically important" to the country's competitiveness and is aiming for a sale of the ailing company to national airline Iberia. (13-08-2020)

Easyjet would cut 5000 jobs

EasyJet will make cuts: it will close three sites in the United Kingdom and cut hundreds of jobs. The closure of the sites in London and Newcastle will result in 670 job losses. The other eight locations in England will continue to exist.  At the end of June it was already announced that Easyjet would cut 5000 jobs and these jobs will therefore be added to that. (20-08-2020).

EasyJet sale of five aircraft's

EasyJet has raised an additional € 225 million from the sale of five aircraft's, which the company then leases.  This brings the total proceeds of this revenue model to 653 million euros, the airline announced on Friday. (10-09-2020)

Ryanair will cancel flights

Ryanair will cancel flights. Ryanair, the largest European airline, will reduce the number of flights. In the coming months that should be reduced by a fifth. The intention is not to cancel destinations, but to fly less often to countries such as Spain, France and Sweden. (20-08-2020)

Goodbye for 747 BA

British Airways the airline with the largest Boeing 747 fleet in the world, immediately stops flying the jumbo jets. The decision has everything to do with the COVID-19 outbreak. The British fleet has 31 jumbo jets.

Goodbye to 6,000 employees

British Airways (BA) says goodbye to more than 6,000 employees. They make use of the airline's voluntary departure scheme. (14-08-2020)

Goodbye for 747 KLM

KLM decided at the beginning of the corona crisis to send the 747 with early retirement. Later, the aircraft was removed from the hangar again, to be used for cargo flights. British Airways says it will operate more flights with the new and much more economical A350 and B787.


More airlines are grounding the Airbus A380

An increasing number of airlines are forced to say goodbye, whether or not temporarily, to the Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world. The Australian company Qantas will keep its fleet on the ground until mid-2023, the company said on Thursday. Later on Thursday, Emirates announced it could no longer afford a fleet of large aircraft like the A380. Due to its size, the Airbus is expensive to use, making it hardly profitable to use it now that there are fewer flights. (01-06-2020)


Emirates flights to 9 destinations

Emirates resumes passenger flights to 9 destinations, including connections between UK and Australia.
- Qatar arlines ticket prices from Tehran to Istanbul increased by 30x, this has to do with inflation and the increased dollar prices in Iran (10-09-2020).
China A select number of airlines are allowed to fly to one Chinese city once a week from next week, the Chinese aviation authority reports. (03 June 2020)


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