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Airline news and COVID-19


Airline companies deep into red as a result of the corona crisis

- If there is one industry that has been given a lot by COVID-19, it is aviation. It is estimated that tens of thousands of jobs in the sector will be lost.  This is a reason for many flight attendants to switch to a job in healthcare. (18-10-2020)
- Pilots are going through a rough time due to the corona crisis. Aircraft's are mainly aground and many airlines pilots are fired. It was once a dream profession, but now they have uncertain times. (13-08-2020)
- Aviation industry organization IATA expects passenger numbers in aircraft to return to normal, pre-corona crisis levels in 2023.


Airline  | Changes

- Face masks mandatory,

- Plane deep cleaned daily,

- Flight crew wearing PPE,

- Passenger sanitation packs provided,

- Changes to food service.

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